I had no idea I had alcohol poisoning and could have died. 

The following are signs to look out for in an individual who is suspected of ingesting large amounts of alcohol:

1. Slurred speech: When people drink alcohol and become intoxicated, they tend to become very loud and loquacious. As they drink increasingly larger amounts, they become quieter; and at the stage of alcohol poisoning, they find it difficult to talk.

2. Inability to walk: As the nerve centers in the brain are depressed by high concentrations of alcohol, the motor nerves which control the muscles do not function properly.

3. Vomiting: Alcohol in large amounts irritates the stomach and causes vomiting.

4. Confusion, stupor and unconsciousness: This is due to the fact that alcohol depresses nerve centers in the brain.

5. Slow breathing (about 8 breaths per minute or less) and irregular breathing: This is caused by the depressing effect that alcohol has on the respiratory centers in the brain.

6. Seizures: Excessive alcohol intake causes dehydration and the blood sugar level to fall (hypoglycemia) which leads to seizures.

7. Hypothermia: Hypothermia means low body temperature. The body temperature of the drinker is unusually low in alcohol poisoning.

8. Blue-tinged or pale skin color

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